Thursday, April 06, 2006

My Morning Glory

My latest short story, "My Morning Glory," was published today in the British science journal, NATURE. It's part of their Futures series of short shorts. My story is only 800 words long. I love short shorts. I'm thinking of specializing in them and writing only short shorts and novels from now on. The main distinction of this story is not its length, however, but the fact that it has a happy ending. An unalloyed happy ending--my first!

The story is online here, but you have to have an account to log in. Sorry.

1 comment:

Peter said...

Happy ending... hm. Sure.
"Unalloyed" I'm not sure about. Happy, kinda, in a fairly perverted Marusekian way ;)

I've almost finished Counting Heads, and that has been an unalloyed joy - wonderful stuff, completely fulfilling the expectations from the short stories of yours I discovered some years ago. Congrats, and thanks!