Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ebook conversion

My second guest post is up at 49 Writers. I guess I should have mentioned last week that I'm doing a series on ebooks over there. Last week's post told why I took the step of self-epubbing my previously published short fiction. Hint: it involves money. This week I outline the steps writers can take to convert their manuscripts for sale on Kindle and Nook. Next week: the oh-so-important ebook cover. And finally: marketing in the digital age. I'm also thinking of doing a bonus post about possible future models for self-publishers and some things I've learned doing my own blog. I've spent a lot of time researching and writing these guest posts (too much time!), and I apologize for the dearth of new material here. That'll change in a couple of weeks when my guest gig is done. One thing I want to do is give you an update about the state of Camp Tribulation, which is chugging along nicely. In the meantime, check out my guest posts.


Anonymous said...

Good posts, David! As for HTML coding, it's much like typesetting used to be in the OLD days (late 80s for me), on the Linotype.

The changes you're having to go through, preparing manuscripts for new technology, remind me a lot of the changes typesetting, itself, has gone through. Fascinating stuff!

Looking forward to your next post.


hajath said...

Good steps to moving forward to self epubbing to authors/writers and self publihsers.

Really good post David and I look forward for the next post regarding the sale on kindle and nook.


adrien said...

Is Camp Tribulation your novel in progress? Is the title a nod to Camp Concentration by Thomas M. Disch? I just heard about this book recently, from by running across this interview with PKD:

David Marusek said...

@adrien--Yes, Camp Tribulation is the title of my novel-in-progress. But I wasn't alluding to Disch's Camp Concentration. No prisoners or mad scientists in my camp. Think bears, moose, and aliens.

Adelina Ursu said...

Hy, is there any chance you will write a sequel to your novel "Mind over ship"? I absolutely loved it and would be thrilled to see a new book in this series roll out.
Thank you.

David Marusek said...

Hi Adelina--Yes, there is a chance I'll continue the Counting Heads series with a follow up to Mind Over Ship. Not sure when, though. As you can probably tell, I'm a rather slow writer. I'm closing in on the third quarter of the second draft of my next novel, Camp Tribulation, which is not connected to CH at all. And after that I want to do something short and humorous and hopefully popular enough to sell a bunch of copies. Maybe then I'll be ready to go back to the Starke's, Fred, and Mary. Thanks for the inquiry.