Wednesday, August 03, 2005

But not a first-time blogger

9:40 AM, Fairbanks airport. Should have departed 40 minutes ago but we're delayed by a "mechanical" issue. Actually, this Northwest Airlines flight is serviced by Alaska Airlines mechanics, so I suspect our difficulty is their work slowdown. I have about an hour-and-a-half layover in Minneapolis, and I'm not sweating it yet.

Well, on second thought, they just announced our estimated departure to be noon, and that WILL seriously impact my connections. I am already in patient traveler mode, but I may have to kick my tolerance up a notch.

I've just moved to sit on the floor next to an electrical outlet. Of course this airport has no wifi, free or paid.

10:15 They say they're going to pass out food vouchers.

I was a blogger before there were blogs. Remember back in 1998 when there were on-line diarists cropping up everywhere? I decided to do something like that when I visited London then, but I didn't want to hassle with html on a daily basis. So I decided to use a Netscape newsgroup. Remember newsgroups? Posting was a breeze, one click for the text, another for the photo. I spent six months in England and posted a new essay and photo each and every day.

Here's some business-card-sized adverts I came across the other day while packing for this trip. I called my "blog" my London Journal and passed these cards to family and friends to follow along.

1:07 PM Well, I'm back at home. They sent the plane to Anchorage for repairs. I'm rebooked to leave tonight. I'll spend tomorrow in Minneapolis and arrive at World Con in Glasgow Friday morning. Oh, well, at least it wasn't those sneaky mechanics. And I will have the opportunity to visit the twin city. Anyone know if there's a good camera store there?

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