Sunday, August 07, 2005

just checking in

I'm at the worldcon internet lounge. \it's free, but you have to sign up and wait for a machine, and then you have only 15 minutes. \\i leave tomorrow and travel to \london for a few days. With any luck \i'll be able to get somewhat caught up.

\in brief, a good con so far. As far as making inroads to a British sale, the results are mixed. \i'm glad folks are starting to see this blog, and \i promise \i'll do better. \honest.


Naiades said...

I read your blog most days, keep it up!! I think it's great.


David Marusek said...

Thanks, Naiades! I'll certainly make an effort to post more frequently (with less typos) now that I'm able to use my trusty old laptop again.