Friday, August 05, 2005

This isn't cheap

The time remaining counter in this internet cafe says i have 5 minutes left, and the keyboad i fnny. Wireless in thistown costs over $35 a day. this cafe is $7/hr. Won't be able to post much till i figure somthing out cause \i can't think and keystroke that fast.


Kathy McCoy said...

So - are you in Scotland yet? Kristin is in England, Milton Keynes to be exact. She's visiting Eliana (Applejack the Clown) the lady clown/magician we met at the Hollywood Magic Castle last year. Kristin's got a Brit Rail Pass, so conceivably she could visit you by train. She'll be there till the 17th at which time she's flying back via Miami on American Airlines.
Love from your sis

Vera Nazarian said...


You can compose your blog entry offline into a wordprocessor, and then simply cut and paste it into the blog which will take you a second or so of online time. :-)

David Marusek said...

Hi Kathy--
Tuesday night and still no word from my niece. She must be having too much fun with Applejack. I, meanwhile, am helping Chris move stuff around the flat.

Hi Vera--
Missed you at the con. But since next year's con is in your neck of the woods--LA--it's a sure bet you'll be there.

Offline or on, the internet cafes I visited charge you the same money. Naturally, there's no port from my laptop to the public machines, so everything has to be done on the public machines. And in fact, I'm not sure there even was usefull apps on them, just internet and games--the better to meter you.