Sunday, November 06, 2005

done me proud

Last night Fairbanks turned out in force for my book launch. Old friends and new alike. They were waiting when I arrived a half-hour early, and I sat at the table for two solid hours signing books. I am gratified and honored. I'm starting to feel like people have actually been following along on my years-long writing effort, and last night they came out to cheer me on. The local media attention has been great, too, with a book review in the News-Miner and TWO notices in Dermot Cole's column (arguably the most widely read part of the paper), an excellent "lifestyle" feature in The PRESS, and radio interview on KUAC-FM.

Sales were spectacular--we ran out of books! Through the efforts of my publisher (see Wednesday's entry below), we had 54 copies on hand (including all of my author's copies) which arrived at 4 pm the day before. When we ran out of those, we presold from another box of 24 that will arrive tomorrow (people left instructions how I should inscribe them). With the ten copies the Fairbanks Arts Association will keep in their gift shop, that makes 70 sales in one night. Not bad, Fairbanks!

Here's a picture of the event. Alas, my old camera was not up to the task. (Oh, I need a new camera, oh) There was a table of punch and snacks, and in the gift shop we had live music. That is, Bill Rogers of Sand Castle brought his new theremin, which he set up along with a drum track. In case you're unfamiliar with the term, a theremin is the instrument that makes the ethereal sound in the theme of the original Star Trek series, and it was ideal to set an SFnal mood.

Well, now it's on to Anchorage and my mini-tour.


Armchair Anarchist said...

Best of luck...I am a (relatively new) reviewer for Interzone, and have volunteered to review your book on the strength of the 'Wedding Album' story which I read in a 'Best Of...' anthology. The review is dependant on a) me getting a copy from Amazon UK on time and b) IZ deciding they have space for it (I'm last man in, so my words have little weight), but I'm looking forward to getting my copy in a week or so and digging in to it like a hungry man in a cake factory. Either which way, good luck to you, sir; you are living the dream I hope to realise in the future. With respect...

Velcro City Tourist Board

David Marusek said...

Hey thanks. Hope a) and b) both come about, and best of luck with your own writing career.

hoping to eventually have a UK edition,

Deirdre Helfferich said...

Sorry I missed your launch, David. I saw the book in Gulliver's and (being a science fiction fan) picked it up. Looks very interesting. I'll be getting a copy eventually, and then I'll find you around town and get a John Hancock from you...probably will get one for the Ester library.

LetterMan said...

The book signing was great, David!

Let's hope it's the beginning of something wonderful and exciting.

Looking forward to more books (and book signings) from you.