Saturday, November 12, 2005

Let the tour begin

A little difficulty finding a free wifi hotspot here on Veterans Day. Here's a little slide show of my Title Wave reading in Anchorage (using my brand new Canon Digital Elph camera)

Here's the author leaving the cabin to catch his flight. A few minutes later, he had to unlock and go back in because he forgot his computer.

On the short hop to Anchorage, Denali was out. A good omen?

Carole Chambers picks him up in her funny little Honda.

The author at Title Wave, encountering his book for the first time in a bookstore. Yikes.


DJ Ten Ninjas said...

I go to Bear Tooth for free wifi when I'm in Anchorage. Otherwise, I fork over cash for it in the Kaladi's at Titlewave.

Michael Armstrong wrote a letter to the Press about my article about you, but all he did was say you were a genius and say I was clearly "unhip" and a bumbling outsider for using the phrase 'sci fi' instead of SF.

David Marusek said...

I ended up at the new Kaladi Brothers South where the coffee is great and the wifi is free. And only three blocks from Carole's.

I'm not sure what motivated Michael to respond like that. The SF/sci-fi distinction he points out is true, at least historically. I, myself, use SF with people who know the term, otherwise, like your editors, I'm afraid someone might think I'm referring to San Francisco and so use sci-fi. With Ellen Datlow now buying hot SF for, I see the distinction blurred anyway and not a matter of hipness anymore.

David Marusek said...

Just after posting the comment above, I received the distressing news that is dropping their online fiction component. That's terrible! Here's a farewell message from Ellen.

Renelle said...

Your book is excellent, David! If I hadn't had to eat, sleep and work, I wouldn't have put it down 'cause it's a real page-turner. When will the next one be ready to publish?