Saturday, August 01, 2009

New story out

My latest "flash fiction" short story, "Hard Man to Surprise," appears as the Futures feature in this week's issue of Nature (July 30). It's an adventure in social networking in the era of designer drugs (as was my previous entry, "Timed Release." That must be a theme of mine or something). I hope you check it out.

If you are a Nature subscriber, you can read it online for free. If you're not a subscriber, you might be able to read it on your local university's server or find it in a library or on a newsstand. Otherwise, you might have to wait until December of this year when my contract allows me to make it available on other sites. I'll release both stories somewhere.

The photo above has nothing whatsoever to do with "Hard Man to Surprise." It's a detail of my license plate during my recent tour of South Central Alaska. You'll note that most of the splattered bugs are mosquitos.


John said...

Can't wait to get access to this in december.

Anonymous said...

Great. I just read Getting To Know You and really loved it. Even my gf really enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

are you alive?

David Marusek said...

Yes, I'm alive and well and very busy writing new fiction 6 days a week. I seem to have no interest in maintaining my online identity. I read other people's blogs, but have no desire to keep one myself. This may change, but for now I'll try at least to answer your questions.

Penny Auction Bidding said...

Well Well Well!! i am still waiting for this??

David Marusek said...

It's possible to use Google Search to read both of my flash fiction stories without a subscription to Nature. Search on the terms:

"timed release" marusek

"hard man to surprise" marusek

and click the first link (the one that links to