Thursday, July 09, 2009

Counting Heads Audiobook

Counting Heads has just been released as an audiobook by Recorded Books. Looks like it's available as a download (for $28) from, through Amazon. This is my first audiobook, and I'm pretty excited about it.


stevebarry said...

just picked up a hard copy after spotting the sequel...figured i'd start from the top.

great stuff, man. really dig the social commentary you provide through the utopia you've written.


LEO said...

Excellent!! Will grab a copy and listen on my commute. I had to read the book twice to feel like I'd comprehended it so listening will add another layer of understanding (hopes I). MOS next on cd??

David Marusek said...

No word yet on whether MOS will be recorded. Probably depends on how well the CH audio does.

Masumi said...

the audio is totally awesome! Really hope that MOS will be made into audio as well

Nokomis said...

I've had the trade paperback for some time, but when I saw that Audible had it I burned one of my two available credits. Listening to it now which makes me want _Mind Over Ship._ Any idea if the sequel will make it to audio format?

David Marusek said...

I have no word concerning MOS as an audiobook. It would help if you and everyone who enjoyed CH on audio emailed Recorded Books and asked them to produce MOS too.