Sunday, October 23, 2005

Book Tour Schedule

Here's my book tour schedule thus far:

Nov. 5 7:00 pm Book Launch Bear Gallery, Fairbanks
Nov. 10 7:30 pm Reading Title Wave, Anchorage
Nov. 17 7:30 pm Reading Borders Bookstore, Oak Brook (Chicago)
Nov. 20 1:00 pm Reading Borders Bookstore, Bloomington IN
Nov. 29 7:00 pm Reading Park Place Book, Kirkwood (Seattle)
Dec. 2 6:30 pm Reading Third Place Books, Lake Forest (Seattle)
Dec. 17 1-3 pm Signing Waldenbooks, Fairbanks

please come!


Anonymous said...

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®osie said...

Congratulations David! And Kudos to you! I only hope someday I have the guts to actually publish the things I write. Sometimes the fear do success can be as debilitating as the fear of failure! Ahh... but someday! -- Rosie

Anonymous said...

I'll try to show up at one of the Seattle locations. Good luck.

Brian Renninger.

David Marusek said...


I had those fear of success feelings before I sold my first stories. They're mean little pixies that, fortunately, go away.


I'm counting on it. Hope to add an appearance at Elliot Bay Bookstore. Will know in a few days.