Monday, October 31, 2005

On it goes

Had an anxiety dream last night. One of those it was nice to wake up from and realize it was only a dream. I was at my Book Launch and no one came, starting with the musicians. At first I wasn't too concerned because my elusive anima was there, but she soon vanished under a tunnel of outstretched arms of fans who showed up. But they weren't my fans and had only come for the candy anyway. And soon they were gone and I was sitting at an empty card table wondering why I didn't think to decorate the place, which looked like a waiting room of a run down bus station. I was left wandering around with a bag of candy when, gratefully, I woke up. You Jungians out there are welcome to tell me what it means.

In the real world I realize I have to start preparing for my big trip. So many little details: buy a new battery for the iBook, forward my mail, reserve rental car, decide on clothes, print out the chapter I'm going to read, back up computer in case of loss, take care of bank accounts, etc. I'm way behind in designing the InDesign course, so I have to concentrate on that too.

I'm not complaining; it's just the dream coming out.

Got a terrific review in the News-Miner by fellow writer Sandra Boatwright yesterday. Sat with Brandon Seifert for two hours on Sat. for a "lifestyle feature for this Thursday's The PRESS. And my book's sales rank on Amazon remained above #1000 for 72 straight hours, going as high as #298.

Here's something I recently stumbled across on line. Apparently, a Russian SF magazine translated my novella "The Wedding Album" for their Fall 2002 issue and made it the cover story. That's my name in upper left corner in Cyrillic. Don't know if this was a legit resale by Asimov's or a pirate, but in either case I think it's a cool cover.


Sam said...

Hey man, ever since I read Cory's review on Boing Boing I've been following your blog. Even preordered your book a couple days ago, can't wait to read it.
I would totally be at your book launch if it was anywhere close to me.

Renelle said...

Woohoo! I got your book from amazon yesterday! It looks fantastic and I can't wait to start reading it. Cory's review was awesome and all the comments on the book jacket and at are well deserved. You do have a wonderfully unique perspective; it's what drew me to your short stories. Enjoy this time in the spotlight for your FIRST NOVEL!

BTW, that Russian cover is very striking.

Best of luck at your book launch!

Vera Nazarian said...

ESLI, the Russian magazine that translates as "what if?" is supposed to be legit. Great cover! :-)