Friday, October 28, 2005


Am prepping myself for a radio interview with Robert Hannon on KUAC, the local NPR station. How does one prep for an interview? I wish I knew. In my case a stiff shot of whisky would probably be a good idea. I'm just not very glib. If I could sling my schtick in front of a live mike, I probably wouldn't have to write it. Anyway, my publicist is busy trying to line up more media interviews, so I'd better learn how to do it.

Tomorrow, Brandon Seifert of THE PRESS, a statewide entertainment weekly, will come over to the cabin to interview me. He wanted cabin photos, local flavor, I guess. Why can't I just do email interviews?

Even with all this distraction, I'm forcing myself to write every day, if only for an hour. Also I have three graphics jobs on my desk (my day job) am teaching a university web-based course on Photoshop, designing another on InDesign for use next semester, preparing for my book launch next week, and arranging my month-long book tour that begins soon after.

busy, busy, busy


Nicholas said...

As one who does a fair number of radio interviews, the key thing to remember is that the interviewer is much more interested in getting a good story than in the precise answers to any questions they may ask. So have two or three good lines or anecdotes consciously in mind beforehand to work into your narrative, and almost certainly there will be an opportunity to do so.

David Marusek said...

Well, the interview came off well enough I think. It'll air next Friday, a week from today. There'll be an MP3; I'll post the link.

I know you're right, Nicholas, but I don't have those particular anecdotes yet. I think it'll take me a little while to figure this out. I need to talk to a lot of people about the book to see where the interest is.

For instance, the question that stood out during my trip to the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association banquet was, "If you live in a cabin without plumbing in Alaska, how can you write cutting-edge SF?"

Neat question, and I knew the answer, but it took me some Googling to get all the facts straight. The answer is--Have you listened to the news lately? Bird Flu, Star Wars, Cope Thunder, Kodiak Launch Facility, HAARP, Center for Nanosensor Technology, Cold Climate test facilities. Alaska, because of its location and extreme climate is actually a very SFnal kind of place.

See there, I'm honing that one. Still need a few more.

Nicholas, I have a question for you, or for anyone out there media savy. How do I get interviewed on NPR?