Sunday, March 05, 2006

The short stories

I regularly receive enquiries about my short fiction. I've been wanting to have a collection for years, but putting out a collection of short stories is harder than you might think. I'm told collections lose money for the publisher, and my agent hasn't landed me a deal yet.

On the other hand, I'm not thrilled with the idea of self-publishing them as a POD or ebook either. And I'm not yet in the Creative Commons camp where I would simply post them on my site and let people download them at will. I know there's a lot of arguments for and against doing this, but I'm not ready yet.

However, with today's review in the NYT and reviewer Dave Itzkoff calling them "as concentrated and potent as a dwarf star," I have to do something. Especially with people sending me emails all day asking about them. My agent is in England at the moment. When he returns to NYC, I'll start a campaign with him and David Hartwell at Tor to GIVE ME A COLLECTION, DANG IT. You can help by emailing me and saying you'd be interested in such a colleciton.

In the meantime, I'll send you a complimentary pdf copy of "The Wedding Album" just for the asking.

Also, there's a Stories link on my web page ( with a complete bibliography. Many of my stories have been anthologized and should be available at most public libraries. Even here in Fairbanks, Alaska, I can find all of them at our excellent Noel Wien Library.


aturdido said...

Hello DAvid,
I am writing to you from Spain. I have posted a reference to your work in my blog
I would like to have access to a volume of your short stories. I am a neophyte to science fiction but some of my loved ones are really enthusiastic about the genre.How about translating your work into Spanish and publishing it here? There is a small market here I think. In any case, congratulations and good luck.

NicoleW said...

Hi, a nice blog you have here... You will surely get an bookmark :) Fleshlight

Pat Lundrigan said...

Howzabout Fictionwise for collectin your stories?

David Marusek said...

Thank you for your posts and the link on your blog. I'm attaching "The Wedding Album" to this email. I hope you enjoy it.

I look forward to seeing my work translated into Spanish. Fortunately, you can read one story now. The November 2004 issue of Gigamesh 38 published my story, "Getting to Know You." (I forget what the Spanish title is.)

Also, Gigamesh editor Alex Vidal says that the magazine director, Juanma Santiago, wants to publish "The Wedding Album," maybe sometime this year.

Also, the editor of Bibliopolis, Louis Prado, is looking at COUNTING HEADS and may possibly agree to publish it. With any luck, I'll soon be well represented in Spanish.

David Marusek said...


I haven't researched the ebook route for a couple of years. At the time there were conditions I couldn't go with, but as things change fast in publishing, maybe it's time I looked again.


Vera Nazarian said...

My gawd, David, I just saw this article and amazing fabulous sfnal pic of you:

I love that techo-pic! :-)

iain said...

Hi David,

Yes, we do want a short story collection from you. Right about now. Please. With a cherry on top.

David Marusek said...

Iaian--is that you? Is this the interview?

Marusek interview

Anonymous said...

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