Wednesday, March 01, 2006

some catch-up news

My big news is that COUNTING HEADS will be reviewed this Sunday, March 5, in The New York Times Book Review. And not just a tiny paragraph notice, the review covers a whole page and is illustrated with a mug shot in which my face is photoshopped to look like--a Borg, I guess. Anyway, very SFnal.

What I don't get is all the hand-wringing about SF being too geeky. Must be a NYC thing.

The photo above is of me doing a signing at the local Waldenbooks store last month. This was the first time I've done the "author sitting out front next to a table of books" thing. My daughter, Kalina, was up for the weekend, and she sat with me, so it was actually a good visit. And a number of people did drop by to BUY THE BOOK, so there was some book business going on too.

My second piece of good news is that I sold a short short story to NATURE, the venerable, weekly, British science journal. They are publishing a series of single-page short SF stories called Futures. The stories are 800 to 900 words in length. Mine, which will be my 11th published short story, is called "My Morning Glory." It's a little confection, like a bon bon, that leaves a sweet taste in the mouth. In other words, I finally wrote a happy story. I think.

Don't know which issue it'll appear in.


Vera Nazarian said...

Fabulous congratulations! :-)

David Marusek said...

Thanks, Vera. I'm besides myself.

For the last three weeks or so, I seem to have gotten some writing momentum going. Pages are just filling up with words. This sort of news is enough to knock me off my bike.

Lee said...

I've just read the NYT review and am very interested. Have you ever considered posting your short stories online? I'd love to read one - or all!

David S. said...

Congratulations on the NYT review, it's certainly created a bit of comment around the SF traps. Great news about the Nature story too!

I've read "We Were Out of Our Minds With Joy" (which it seems from the reviews I've seen is a good introduction to "Counting Heads") and I would also like the opportunity to read your other short work online. Is there any chance of some of it appearing somewhere like Webscription or Fictionwise in the not too distant future?

David Marusek said...

See my post today about The Short Stories. David S., email me and I'll send you "The Wedding Album."