Thursday, January 22, 2009

Intervju med David Marusek

Mind Over Ship is the featured Book of the Month at the premier SF bookshops in Sweden. It's all in Swedish, though, except for an interview I did with them just last week.


Renelle said...

Glad to see in the interview that you might do some more short stories; they're like snacks between meals. :)

Aris said...

I bought "Counting Heads" in January 2008 in the SF Store in Stockholm, which had the book prominently displayed opposite the entrance. I'm now halfway "Mind over Ship". Dear David, words cannot express how impressed I am with your writing and thinking. OK, I try: once in awhile one hears a piece of music or reads a book which has the effect of leaving the listener or reader feel indebted, even though he or she paid for the CD or the book or whatever. I get that feeling from Monstermagnet CDs and your books. Thanks !!!